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Getting documents notarized has never been easier.

Pointing Pen and Finger on Document

A notary appointment may vary on time depending on the number of documents you need notarized however the process is quick and simple:

1. Screening

The Notary Public will review your document to make sure it's complete, confirm your identity with your provided identity card, and screen for volition and awareness.

Click here to view a list of acceptable identity verification methods.

2. Record Keeping

The Notary Public will then write down all necessary information in their journal for accurate record-keeping and may sometimes require you to sign and imprint your right thumbprint. 

3. Completing The Notarial Certificate

The Notary Public will then fill out the Notarial Certificate and impress their seal on there to officially notarize your documents.

Yup, that's it! 

Ready to notarize your documents? Message us now to schedule
at-home notary services.

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