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View our list of notarial acts and find out what each one means.

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Notarial Acts - Definitions


An acknowledgement certifies that the signer appeared before the Notary personally, acknowledged the signing of the document, and was identified by the Notary.



Commonly found in affidavits, a jurat certifies that the signer appeared before the Notary personally, was identified by the Notary, signed the document in the Notary's presence, and took an oath or affirmation from the Notary.

Proofs of Execution

A proof of execution certifies that a subscribing witness personally appeared and swore to the Notary that the original signer has signed the document.

Power of Attorney 

A Power of Attorney document, gives an appointed agent the right to act on your behalf within the jurisdiction stated within the document. 

Certified Copy of Power of Attorney 

A certified copy of Power of Attorney document confirms that it is identical to the original. 


To learn more, please visit the Apostille page.

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